Who We Are

Our firm of Business Consultants was established in 2011 out of a passionate desire and commitment to excel in the design and delivery of management, IT, accounting and financial control solutions. Our professionals have identified certain needs in the Small and Medium Enterprises as well as Public Organizations. These are needs for robust management and financial reporting systems, controls, development of financial strategy to support the overall business objectives in order to generate significant growth and superior stakeholders’ value.
Our response is to crsabtombine in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance with an increasingly technical knowledge of cutting edge IT tools to bridge the gap between accountants and information technology experts to meet the financial reporting and control requirements of our clients.We recognise that modern business needs have created a demand for greater emphasis on personalised professional services. Clients want to feel that their professional advisors are close to them — understanding and anticipating their requirements. Clients want advisors who put themselves in their shoes and give clear opinions and insights, which are based on top of the range, experience and also provide value for money.  We are therefore committed to deliver the performance our clients require by offering impartial counsel and inspired solutions whilst being fully attentive to their needs.
The Firm currently has two directors, three employees and five associates who are professionally qualified with specialties in privatization, due diligence, share valuation, financial management, project appraisals, procurement management, project design and preparation, project management, financing and human resource development/training.