Our Clients

In many firms, communicating with the client is frowned upon as being unnecessary. And often there is the general fear that not every minute of time can be charged to the client for talking to them, so it is therefore not good to talk to the client.

Some ex-clients said that they would have liked to have had their return or financial statements explained to them. Or they said that they would have valued speaking directly to the person who was their original contact with the firm. Many mentioned waiting an inordinate amount of time to getting phone calls returned under this topic.

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A woman approached me last year while I was conducting a client relationship management program for the Indiana Society. She wanted to know why the partners yelled at her every time they saw her talking on the phone to the clients. “What am I supposed to do?” she asked. “Hang up when they call me?”

There is no doubt that today’s client is more sophisticated and demanding than ever. And these clients want more, in many cases but not all, than the detached emotional relationships most CPAs insist on having with their clients under the guise of “independence” and this mistaken notion that is isn’t necessary to be a successful CPA.
Other clients includes the following:
- Newmont Ghana limited (Mining) - West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCO - Oil & Gas)
- Ghana Gas Company Limited (Oil & Gas)
- Law Matters Limited
- Crystal Homes Limited (Real Estate)
- Aston Petroleum limited (OMC)
- Select Systems Limited (Software Developers)
- Kumassah Company limited (Oil Marketing)